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Summer Cocktail Menu

Join us in our tasting room, won't you? We can't wait to tempt you with our tantalizing tipples. Stop by to see what's new, try some of our delicious drinks, take a tour or sample a Tasting Flight for only $5.

Corgi Spirits Summer '23 Cocktail Menu

Corgi Spirits Summer '23 Cocktail Menu Page II


Q:  Are tastings available?

A:  We offer our guests a tasting of three of our products for a $5 fee, however we waive the fee with our most heartfelt compliments if they purchase a bottle to take home with them.  

Q:  Does your cocktail menu change?

A:  Absolutely! We will have some tried and true cocktails on our menu, but we will always offer spectacular specialty drinks as the seasons change.

Q:  I don't drink alcohol / I'm the designated driver for the night. Do you serve non-alcoholic beverages?

A:  Not all heroes wear capes, and oftentimes the praises of our teetotaling and designated driving friends go unsung. And that's a bloody shame, because you deserve it and we tip our caps to you. Please know that we have put as much attention into our Mocktails list as we did with any of our other cocktails so that you can raise a glass full of luscious liquid with your compatriots and feel right at home. 


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