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Corgi Spirits: A Burst of Modern Gin from New Jersey

By: Warren Bobrow

...The spirits that are carefully distilled from these gleaming vessels are absolutely world class. They certainly are unlike anything that is being made in NJ right now and one of the finest gins made anywhere in the world. To understand what goes into a production such as Corgi Spirits, one must first learn a little bit about the entrepreneur (the passionate man) behind the brand....

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Robb Report

The 11 Best Gins You Can Buy Right Now

By: Dan Dunn

Gin, once the most oft quaffed clear spirit on the planet, is on the rise again. London dry gin, American-made gin, Irish gin, gin made in Japan, gin made in Scotland. Maybe it’s because all these new whiskey distilleries are opening up and they need to wait a few years before the single malts are ready. Or maybe it’s just because gin is the most versatile cocktail spirit out there. It’s classic. Timeless. And if you give it a chance, it’s likely to surprise you.

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John Barleycorn Awards


Judges from the John Barleycorn Society of Spirits Writers have selected Corgi Spirits Earl Grey as their 2019 Gin of the year!

The John Barleycorn Society is an elite team of the world’s top spirits journalists and industry professionals who foster a modern approach to recognizing excellence in the spirits industry. Among their many duties is administering the flagship component of the John Barleycorn Awards, a double-blind tasting competition that factors in appearance, aroma, taste and finish.

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John Barleycorn Awards


Judges from the Society of Spirits Writers have selected Corgi Spirits Earl Grey and Pembroke Gin as winners of the 2019 John Barleycorn Awards Taste Competition. The Earl Grey Gin was awarded a Double Gold for earning top marks from all judges and the Pembroke Gin was awarded a Gold for meeting their very high standards.

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USA Spirits Ratings


The USA Spirits Ratings competition, which took place in San Francisco on July 21, awarded Corgi Spirits Earl Grey Gin, Pembroke Gin and Very Merry Gin a Silver medal and Bee Blossom Gin a Bronze medal, which is the ultimate seal of approval within the spirits industry. In order to receive these awards, you must achieve a premium score in 3 different categories, in a blind tasting competition overseen by a panel of high-profile judges.

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By: Jeremy Schneider

Drinks up, New Jersey! There are countless great bars, pubs and dives for drinks in the Garden State, but which are the best of the best? Here are the 18 most popular New Jersey bars of 2018, based on data from the popular review site Yelp.

If you're a fan of craft cocktails, Corgi Spirits is your spot. Jersey City's own distillery, making an array of delicious gin, whiskey and vodka with charming bartenders who know their stuff in a chill taste room setting.

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The Fifty Best


Corgi Spirits wins gold!!! The Fifty Best held the largest tasting of gins in the World with 68 gins and sixteen members of The Fifty Best's spirits judging panel. Traditional, London Dry and Navy Strength Gins were tasted and judged separately from the Old Tom and Barrel Finished Gins. Strict tasting rules were applied as the judges "blind" tasted through nine flights of 7 gins and one flight of 5 gins.

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New Jersey Monthly


By John HollEric LevinShea SwensonShelby Vittek

Hudson County’s only distillery, Corgi opened in 2017 and specializes in diverse expressions of gin, including one that uses fragrant Earl Grey tea as a main ingredient, and seasonal gins made with honey syrup (spring), cucumber and citrus (summer), smoked applewood (fall), and dried fruit and spices (winter). Distiller Nate Thompson also crafts vodka and whiskey, and bartenders churn out bar-quality craft cocktails with their unique spirits.

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Full Access NYC


By Seth Fera-Schanes

On a recent trip to Cape Cod, I brought along a number of different spirits so I could play bartender for my friends. On the menu were Pimm’s Cups, Negroi’s and something I had never tried in a cocktail before; Earl Grey Gin by Corgi Spirits in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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New Jersey Digest


By: Abby Montanez

When I visited in 2018, they had only just opened their doors (after many months of anticipation), and gin itself was having a resurgence.

Since then, they’ve made quite the name for themselves across the state for their exceptionally crafted gins, vodka and involvement in the local Hudson County community.

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Everything Jersey City


By: Colleen Morrison

With the COVID-19 crisis continuing its month-long negative effects on every industry in Jersey City with no signs of slowing, local businesses have been forced to shut their doors and do little more than hope for a swift end to the shutdown.

Many, however, have tapped into their entrepreneurial spirits and found creative ways to stay open by pivoting their business model or offerings to better fit the needs of the community right now.

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By: Chadner Navarro

In 2017, Corgi Distillery — the first spirits operation in Hudson County— opened in Jersey City’s Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood, located a mile from the Grove Street PATH station. Occupying an old industrial building along a light rail track, Corgi produces everything from floral gins to a small-batch potato-based vodka with a lovely creamy mouthfeel.

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The Alcohol Professor

How To Use Barrel Aged Gin In Cocktails

Oak rested gin is all the rage, but what to do with it beyond the neat serve? For gins with strong barrel flavors, using a barrel-aged gin instead of rum is another option, says Corgi Spirits, which was named New Jersey Gin Distillery of the Year at the 2018 NYISC. The brand’s barrel rested gin has sweet notes of figs and raisins, and is used in cocktails that use infused syrups, ginger, orange and typical tiki ingredients.

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20 awesome distilleries to try as New Jersey embraces the craft booze boom

By: Jeremy Schneider

New Jersey's burgeoning beer business has been well-documented, with more than 100 breweries stirring suds around the state. But as the craft distilling industry expands across the U.S., the Garden State has proven itself no slouch when it comes to the hard stuff.

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Jersey Bites

A Tale of Two Distilleries

By: Julie Hartigan

Calling all my fellow craft cocktail aficionados (and local history buffs, too)! There are some pretty exciting things happening on the bar and mixology scenes right here in NJ. Despite being home to the very first license to make liquor in the United States way back in 1780 (with over 350 producers popping up in NJ by the mid 19th century); liquor production in NJ had been outlawed since Prohibition. That is, until a recent law—in 2013(!)—brought distilling back to the Garden State.

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The Hoboken Girl

Cocktails at Corgi Spirits: Jersey City’s First Distillery

By: Lauren

Jersey City’s first and only distillery is here, and it’s awesome. In the midst of Liberty State Park’s back roads, you’ll find Corgi Spirits {located at 1 Distillery Drive in the Bergen Lafayette area of Jersey City} where you can enjoy good cocktails in a chill atmosphere — all while contributing to local animal rescue...

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JC Upfront

Corgi Spirits, Hudson County’s First Distillery, Officially Opens Today

By: JC Upfront Staff

Hudson County’s first distillery — Corgi Spirits — officially opens. The 10,000-square-foot facility is a British-inspired drinking distillery and tasting room right here in Jersey City and after a few brief delays — and a mini preview this past weekend —  opening day has come....

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A distillery that produces a one-of-a-kind gin has just opened in N.J.

By: Joe Atmonavage

Bob Hagemann aimed to open the first ever distillery in Hudson County on July 8.

The three-year obstacle course -- through local, state and federal approvals -- to open Corgi Spirits, a British-inspired distillery, hit one last roadblock down the final stretch over the summer when a logistical issue with the distillery's location arose, delaying the opening by nearly four months....

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Bar Business Magazine

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Large format cocktails can be real crowd pleasers!  Learn how The Chickologist uses our Earl Grey Gin to make a fabulous warm holiday punch that's destined to delight.  

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A craft distillery that makes its own gin and vodka is set to open in N.J.

By: Joe Atmonavage

Bob Hagemann's interest in craft cocktails and spirits started when he was studying abroad in Japan in 2004. On special occasions, the Pompton Plains native would join with his buddies, ditch the $1 beers and cheap whiskey shots, and spend time at the New York Bar, famously featured in "Lost in Translation."

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To all our loyal customers and supporters, we wish you all a heartfelt thank you for being part of the Corgi Spirits journey over the last six years. In particular, we want to thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support since we announced we would close our doors at the end of 2023. We will
always cherish the special friendships we forged.

While this chapter is coming to an end, we hold hope that the Corgi Spirits story will continue, possibly in another form, at some point down the road.

With our most sincere thanks and appreciation,
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