Do you serve food at the distillery?

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We host local food trucks outside our distillery Friday through Sunday so that you may perfectly pair your cocktails with some fabulous food.  You can buy from the trucks and bring your food inside with you to eat along with our delicious drinks!  We are a BYOF establishment.

Are tastings available?

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We offer our guests a tasting of three of our products for a $5 fee, however we waive the fee with our most heartfelt compliments if they purchase a bottle to take home with them.

Are dogs allowed at the distillery?

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Yes, we allow dogs outside at the distillery during the more temperate months, and we would love to meet your pup! Alas, the sticklers at the health code office won't let our furry friends indoors.

Do you have an outdoor space?

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We do, and we encourage you to come enjoy our outdoor area during the warmer months.  And bring your pups!

Are children allowed at the distillery?

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While we encourage parents to take some time to themselves and enjoy a date night or day date here without their kids, we understand the difficulty that sometimes takes to organize. We do allow guests under 21 on site on Saturdays and Sundays until 6pm, however they must be accompanied by an adult of legal drinking age.  All underage guests will have their hands stamped to indicate to bartenders and staff that they are not of legal drinking age, and no underage guest is permitted to consume any alcohol under any circumstances.

Am I required to take a tour in order to try your products?

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At the moment, yes, NJ state law demands it.  We are however in the process of working with our phenomenal local legislators to amend the statutes to make tours optional, so that you can stop in and grab a cocktail without having to do the whole song and dance with us (even though it truly is a lovely song and dance).


Do I need a reservation to visit?

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Not at all!  You're welcome to visit us at any time during normal business hours.  If you have a larger group and would like to rent The Lounge or the entire distillery (for a fee) for some privacy, please reach out to us.  Otherwise, please be mindful that all of our seating is on a first come/first served basis, and people do clamour for our cocktails.

For events and any other matters concerning our Tasting Room, please contact Sara Healey - sara@corgispirits.com

It's my birthday, can I host a party at your distillery?

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YES!  We would love to celebrate with you!  Please contact us and we'll be happy to work out the details to reserve some space for you. Please note, however, that there is a fee to have exclusive access to our lounge for the event.

Do you host weddings at the distillery?

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Congratulations, how lovely!  We’d be honored to host your wedding, so long as your headcount is no larger than our max capacity of 120.

Are there any other kinds of events you have?

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The sky is the limit.  Actually, our 26-foot ceiling is the limit, but that's pretty bloody high.  We are planning on having plenty of additional events, and we are open to suggestions.  Some of our ideas:

Corgi dog meet-ups, Dog adoption days, International gin & tonic day celebrations, National gin day, Charity galas, Yoga mornings at the distillery, comedy club, occasional live music, trivia night and more! Click here to see a list of all our current events.


Where can I find your products outside of the distillery?

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In addition to luxuriating on the shelves of fine bars, restaurants and liquor stores throughout New Jersey, our spirits can be found in New York, Washington D.C., Delaware and Maryland, with Illinois, Florida, California and additional markets coming soon. To find a local retailer, click where we’re carried.

Our spirits can also be shipped to an ever-growing number of states through various on-line retailers, including Caskers.com, Spirithub.com, Wine.com and Drizly.com.

If your favourite place doesn't yet carry Corgi, it would be an unquestioned act of wisdom and intellect to suggest us to them.  And we would appreciate the leg up.  You're looking particularly gorgeous today, by the way.

Are you able to ship your products directly to me?

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Our spirits can be shipped to an ever-growing number of states through various on-line retailers, including Caskers.com, Spirithub.com, Wine.com and Drizly.com.

Does your Earl Grey Gin contain caffeine?

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Our hearts flutter enough from our love of gin, we're not sure they could handle caffeine as well!  Rest assured that there is no caffeine in our products — our distillation process only extracts the flavours of the Earl Grey tea. We'll get our pulses racing through other means, thank you very much.

Are your products really gluten-free?

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They certainly are. You've found your new, perfectly pourable companion.

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To all our loyal customers and supporters, we wish you all a heartfelt thank you for being part of the Corgi Spirits journey over the last six years. In particular, we want to thank you for the tremendous outpouring of support since we announced we would close our doors at the end of 2023. We will
always cherish the special friendships we forged.

While this chapter is coming to an end, we hold hope that the Corgi Spirits story will continue, possibly in another form, at some point down the road.

With our most sincere thanks and appreciation,
Corgi Spirits

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